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Vietnam Temporary Residence Card Service

Holding a temporary residence card (TRC) seems to be on the wish-list of various expats in Vietnam thanks to its several benefits. However, applying for the temporary residence card in Vietnam yourself may put you in some troubles, including:

  • Collecting information: there are so many sources of instruction on the internet now, but few of them give you a full guide best matching your case.
  • Following the application procedure: it can be a head-ache matter if you are not familiar with the administrative procedure in Vietnam and also don’t speak Vietnamese well.
  • Fulfilling the requirements: The requirements for a temporary residence card become more difficult than you presume.

But with our Vietnam temporary residence card service, all these matters will be settled and all your steps in this process have never been easier.

What are Included in Our Temporary Residence Card Service?

Using our service on Vietnam temporary residence card application, you will:

  • be advised on provisions of the law on temporary residence card in Vietnam;
  • be advised on conditions for foreigners to be granted temporary residence card;
  • be provided with the list of necessary papers and documents;
  • be guided to prepare those papers and documents;
  • be advised on how to do in case any paper is missed;
  • be advised on logics of your documents;
  • have us carry out the procedures for granting temporary residence card at competent State authorities on your behalf;
  • be updated with your temporary residence card processing status;
  • have your temporary residence card delivered to your address.

    Documents to be Provided for Applying for a Vietnam TRC with us

    At the moment, a TRC is granted for foreigners with work permit or work permit exemption certificate, those being spouse or child of a Vietnamese citizen, foreign investor, etc. As such, the documents to apply for TRC may vary.

    Working with us, your checklist of documents will be shortened as much as possible and your efforts and time on their preparation will be much saved.

    Why our Temporary Residence Card Service?

    Operating in this aspect since 2017, we proudly affirm our profound knowledge of the foreigners’ temporary residence card requirements. You are highly recommended to use our Vietnam temporary residence card service, because:

    • Expertise: We are conversant with the legal regulations for a temporary residence card in Vietnam as we have been in this aspect since 2007;
    • Convenience: We are well prepared for temporary residence card requirements. We help you minimize the papers and documents to be prepared, then saving much of your valuable time.
    • Guarantee: Results are announced and delivered to you in a timely manner
    • No hidden charge: all the costs of temporary residence card service are clearly communicated with you in advance. We do not charge you anything afterward.
    • Responsibility: We will sign an agreement with the rights and obligations of each party concerning the temporary residence card application.

    So, no matter where are you now, contact us for the best advice to save your time and money and enhance your work efficiency.


At the moment the only visa available is 30 day single entry E-visa which requires a lot of information with high accuracy, so to apply for it please contact our consultant (us) instead of applying by yourself.

And below is Vietnam E-visa information:

  • 1 month single entry E-visa with tourist purpose
  • Estimated processing time: 3-4 working days (Available quick service in 2 working days, 1 working day or 4 working hours)
  • Documents to apply for E-visa: passport scan coppy, passport portrait (4x6cm, colored photo, white background, straight looking without glasses)
  • Arrival date, arrival airport/border, exit airport/border

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