Starting on March 15, 2022, Vietnam opened its borders to people traveling from Australia to Vietnam.

From touring the Hanoi Old Quarter to shopping at the Ben Thanh Market, Vietnam has a wealth of must-see destinations for visitors. Before you can spend the day sunbathing at Nha Trang, you have to plan out the best way to travel between Vietnam and Australia.

Urgent Vietnam Visa Australia 2022

When traveling from Australia to Vietnam, you no longer have to take a COVID-19 test before you travel. There are health screening procedures at ports of entry, but you don’t have to take a special test beforehand.

While medical declarations and negative COVID-19 tests are no longer required, you are expected to wear a mask in Vietnam. For local changes and updates, pay attention to the local news.

When returning to Australia, you no longer need to get a COVID-19 test. However, local governments, airlines, and transport authorities may have special requirements. While vaccinated travelers generally don’t have to quarantine, this isn’t true for unvaccinated travelers.

Unless you are the flight crew, you will have to fill out Australia’s Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) when you arrive. Many states no longer have quarantine rules, but this varies from state to state. For example, the Australian Capital Territory doesn’t have any special requirements, but New South Wales requires isolation until you receive a negative test result.

Getting Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Testing in Vietnam

While you don’t have to get a PCR or antigen test before or after arriving in Vietnam, you may want to get a test if you begin feeling sick. Fortunately, PCR tests are readily available everywhere. Once you take your test, you can generally get your results within 24 hours.

How COVID-19 Treatment and Quarantine Work in Vietnam

If you get sick after traveling during your Australia to Vietnam trip, there are COVID-19 treatment options available in Vietnam. Public hospitals don’t always take foreign patients, so you should try to find an international or private hospital.

After testing positive, you are required to self-quarantine. Depending on the number of vaccinations you have had, your quarantine must last for 5 to 10 days. Each province has specific rules, so it’s important to check the rules for your local area if you do test positive.

Transportation Options in Vietnam

Currently, Jetstar, Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Scoot all have flights going from Australia to Vietnam. Flights may be limited, so you should reserve your ticket early. Once you are in Vietnam, you can use public transportation as long as you are wearing a mask and following any local restrictions.

Movement Restrictions in Vietnam

There are no movement restrictions in place at this time. Because the on-the-ground situation can change based on caseloads, it’s important to stay up to date about potential changes.

Fines for Non-Compliance With COVID-19 Restrictions

When traveling from Australia to Vietnam, you should do your best to comply with local rules and restrictions. If you don’t comply with these rules, you could face penalties and fines. These may include criminal as well as administrative penalties.

Consular Options for Australians

If you need help while traveling in Vietnam, you can visit the Consulate General of Australia in Ho Chi Minh City or the Australian Embassy in Hanoi. Currently, the consulate is only offering notarial and passport services by appointment.

Traveling From Australia to Vietnam

Before you travel from Australia to Vietnam, it’s important to be aware of any restrictions. Because many flights are booked far in advance, you should also arrange your transportation as early as possible. With a little planning, you can enjoy a relaxing adventure in Vietnam. Consult with us for Urgent Vietnam to Visa from Australia.