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NO QUARANTINE for travelers to Vietnam

The Ministry of Health on Wednesday said foreigners entering Vietnam ONLY need to be tested negative for Covid-19 and DO NOT need to enter any kind of quarantine. All the restrictions provided for under the Official Dispatch No. 10688/BMT-MT dated December 16, 2021 of the Ministry of Health are removed. Accordingly, the following regulations will […]

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Vietnam Visa during Covid-19

At the moment the only visa available is 30 day single entry E-visa which requires a lot of  information with high accuracy, so to apply for it please contact our consultant (us) instead of applying on our auto system. And below is our e-visa information: 1 month single entry E-visa with tourist purpose: USD 50 […]

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Vietnam resume visa exemption for 13 countries

The government agreed to resume its unilateral visa exemption policy for citizens from 13 countries as Vietnam seeks to reopen inbound tourism after nearly two years of closure. Citizens from Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the U.K. will be allowed to visit Vietnam for up to […]

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How to apply Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa consulting services

For those who want to apply for a visa to Vietnam, there are up to three ways to get one, namely (1) Vietnam embassy visa, (2) Vietnam E-Visa and (3) Vietnam visa on arrival. Foreigners can freely choose one of those ways depending on your conditions and situation. This following post will provide you with […]

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Do Americans Need a Visa For Vietnam?

United States citizens need a visa to visit Vietnam. Since 1996, US citizens flying into Vietnam can pick up their Vietnam visa upon arrival at one of Vietnam’s international airports. To streamline the process, Americans traveling to Vietnam should complete their Vietnam visa application online before their trip. To apply for a Vietnam visa online, […]

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How to get Vietnam visa on arrival?

Vietnam visa on arrival is the best way to obtain Vietnam visa until now. To get Vietnam visa on arrival, just follow 3 steps as below: STEP 1: SUBMIT APPLICATION: You must give us the exact personal information of the applicant(s) by filling this form. These information must be the same with information in your passport […]

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