Tomorrow I take flight, but my visa is still not ready yet. How should I do now? Do I need to cancel my trip???

If you are in the cases, don’t worry! Please contact us, we will support you to get Vietnam Evisa by a quick service.

Step 1: Send us right here (or email [email protected]):

1. passport scan copy,

2. passport portrait (4x6cm, colored photo, white background, straight looking without glasses),

3. arrival date, arrival airport/border, exit airport/border.

If you got your flight tickets, please send us also.

Step 2: Pay our service via Paypal. Please check service fee here:

Quick servicePrice
(including Immigration and stamping fee)
In 2 working daysUSD 80
In 1 working dayUSD 100
In 4 working hoursUSD 125
Quick service fee

Step 3: Just wait the visa will be sent via your email on time. Print and bring it along with you to entry Vietnam.

That’s all. Don’t worry, we will support you the best!